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American Weddings 101 for Etsy Sellers

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- Engagement (What is a promise ring? Placement ring?)
- Events leading up to wedding (Engagement Party, Bridal Shower, Bachelorette/Bachelor, Rehearsal Dinner, etc.)
- Invitation Etiquette
- Bridesmaids FAQ
- Gifts & Customs
- Wedding Registry
- Additional Resources

Since there are so many events and opportunities for creativity with the wedding industry, this would be relevant for almost all Etsy sellers. For example - Artists? Invitations and place cards. Fashion designers? bridesmaids and bachelorette weekend. Jewelry? Gifts for bridesmaids. Pottery makers? Gifts for the couple., etc.

How To Create Instagram Content
Will cover:
- Visual Scheduling
- Content Planning
- Adding Value
- Caption Best Practices
- Social Media Trends & Calendar
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